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About Unique Broadband Systems

 Unique Broadband Systems a DOL Technologies Inc. Company (or UBS) is a Canadian multinational, privately owned and operated company that specializes in design and manufacturing of complete digital transmission systems as well as individual components for digital audio and video broadcasting. With its head office and the main manufacturing facilities located in Canada.

Strong Focus On Research And Development

Unique Broadband Systems is well-known worldwide for its strong focus on research and development. Most importantly, however, UBS is recognized globally for its uncompromising approach to producing state-of-the-art satellite, military, television and radio communication equipment, such as power amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, modulators and an array of passive components, among other things.

Vigorously Expanding Global Presence

The company has been in business since 1990 and was trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange until 2003 when management bought the manufacturing and technology development assets and created a privately held company known today as Unique Broadband Systems a DOL Technologies Inc. Company. Inspired by strong demand for its products and in anticipation of rising sales of digital broadcasting equipment, UBS vigorously expanded its global presence by establishing subsidiaries in some of the most promising markets around the world. Presently, UBS Beijing Technologies, UBS America and UBS Europe are all controlled by Unique Broadband Systems. and constitute an integral part of the firm’s corporate strategy, directed at supporting UBS international clients and promoting its products and services abroad.

Remains Committed To Continuing Its Tradition Of Excellence

Regardless of rapid expansion, UBS remains committed to continuing its tradition of excellence and unwavering commitment to research and development of wireless technologies that enable companies and individuals to access voice, video and data on an “anywhere – anytime” basis.

Origins In The Design And Development Of Broadband And Band-Specific Solid State Power Amplifiers

Moreover, UBS has widely-recognized reputation for designing, developing, and manufacturing of solid-state high-power amplifiers that are critically important for satellite, industrial, scientific and medical applications. With our origins in the design of broadband and band-specific solid state power amplifiers, UBS continues to produce rugged, power efficient, and cost-effective solutions using state-of-the-art GaN, LDMOS, MOSFET, GaAs FET and bipolar device technologies.

Our Strength

While UBS has a very comprehensive and highly competitive product line which it continuous to expand, the primary focus has always been on customization of design and production to address the specific needs of its clients in the following sectors:

  • Broadcast
  • Instrumentation & Scientific
  • Military (TACAN)/ Radar

focusing on the following areas:

  • GaN / GaAs / LDMOS-based high power indoor and outdoor amplifier systems, phase combined to achieve power level up to 10 KW.
  • Solid state amplifier modules
  • Satellite/ Terrestrial SFN & MFN Solution
  • Adaptive pre correction for power amplifier linearization
  • Digital Modulation solution for all key international standards ( Including DAB, DTMB. CMMB, ISDB-T, ISDBT-TB and ATSC)
  • Passives components including waveguide (Including flex), Couplers filters and other co-axial parts
  • Military RF and Calibration equipments (TACAN (IFF) and UHF Amplifier)
  • Mobile digital television and radio broadcasting equipments


At UBS Ltd., we pay close attention to following related safety, quality, government, and industry standards among which are:

  • Our ISO9001 Quality Assurance Program
  • Safety standard: IEC60950
  • EMI/EMC standard: MIL-STD-461E
  • Operating Shock & Vibration: Mil-Std-810F
  • European Standard ETSI EN 300 753
  • Acceptability Standard IPC-A-610 (IPC-A-610 E)
  • Phase Noise specification: IESS 308/309
  • The Canadian government export control policy and compliance program

Our professional service organization is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that all of our products and systems perform to our customers’ highest expectations.

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